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Cosmetic Clinic Dokter Frodo

The Botox, Liquid Facelift, and puffiness doctor of Amsterdam

Regardless of your age, skin type, and wishes, we can help you and your face get and stay in top condition.
Our passion lies mainly in preserving the natural appearance and the beauty of the unique person. We do not look at the ideal picture here, but at your ideal picture.


Liquid Facelift

Stretch mark treatment

Bags under eyes

Lip filling

Skin improvement

Before and after pictures

  • Experiences treatment with fillers

    Brenda:''I look a lot better since the treatment. It is funny that nobody in my surrounding notices that I was treated. In the meanwhile I receive a lot of positive comments; nice!''

  • Experiences treatment of dark circles

    Jill: ''From a young age I have been annoyed by the dark circles under my eyes. No matter how much I slept, the eye bags didn’t get any better.''
  • Experiences eye bags treatment at Clinic Doctor Frodo

    Ans: ''I used to able to hide the bags under my eyes with a little make-up, but now it has become so bad that I want to do something about it!.'' We used fillers to restore the volume shortage under the eyes of this woman.
  • Experience eye bags treatment at Clinic Doctor Frodo

    Dirk: ''I was really bothered by the bags under my eyes. The cosmetic world is something that doesn’t really appeal to me but I am sick of this worn-out expression. I want to look like I feel; healthy!''
  • Experience liquid facelift at Clinic Doctor Frodo

    Silvia: ''I found out about doctor Frodo through a friend of mine. After the bags under my eyes were filled, I later went back for the liquid facelift.''
  • Experience liquid facelift

    Ena: ''I really wanted to look fresh again and I was tired of constantly hearing that I looked tired.''
  • Experience carboxytherapy and laser treatment of the neck

    Tanja: ''I was really bothered by my neck because it aged a lot faster than my face for example. After the combined laser and carboxytherapy treatment, it looks a lot better! I still have some neck bands, but they are a lot less visible than they used to be!''
  • Experience treatment of eye bags treatment with fillers

    Roos: ''I was actually quite sceptical about cosmetic treatment at first, but I suffered so much from the bags under my eyes that I decided to get treated. I was treated with 3ml fillers under my eyes and the results speak for themselves.''
  • Experience treatment of eye bags with Eye Regen

    Ingrid: ''For many years I have been complaining about my tired expression due to fluid filled bags under my eyes to my husband. I found out that there were a lot of solutions to get rid of the bags under your eyes through an article published by doctor Frodo. I have been treated with a combination of fillers and Eye Regen treatment.''
  • Experience removing striae

    Striae removing''I was a little sceptical about the treatment, and waited at least 2 years before i dared to take the step. I have now received 6 treatments and I am very happy with the result. The stretch marks are still slightly visible, but a lot less!''

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Ageing gracefully

Meet the cosmetic doctors of Kliniek Dokter Frodo, the clinic for injectables. And with over 10,000 treatments to his name, doctor Frodo is one of the most experienced and specialised injectables doctors in our country.

"I do not believe in smooth, emotionless faces, but in preserving a fresh appearance. Because I work very precisely, your own expression is maintained and I make sure the face retains its natural dexterity. And that is where the main challenge lies. It is like architecture: I see the shapes and proportions, and the light and shadows on the face."