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Our vision of beauty

Beauty is not a perfect, tight, smooth, and wrinkle-free look. At Kliniek Dokter Frodo, we consider a good and positive appearance as the foundation of beauty. But what determines that good and positive appearance? Youthfulness? A fresh look? Joy? The correct proportions? Volume?

If you are still young, a Botox injection is often sufficient. If you are a bit older and are suffering from loss of volume in the face, we can restore this with, for example, a Liquid Facelift or a Juvéderm Volite Angel Lift.

Beauty, but also a good balance, is often in the details

Sometimes, a mouth is just too small, asymmetrical, or too large for the face. Sometimes, the eyebrows face slightly downward, or there is a deep groove or bag under the eyes. These kinds of small irregularities are easily fixed and makes a world of difference for a lot of people.

A good, healthy, and positive appearance

We, as people, determine how someone looks with a single glance.

Frown lines? You are serious, strict, or angry. Puffiness? You are tired, are running on fumes, have difficulty sleeping, or enjoyed a good party last night. A young, ‘innocent’ appearance? You are taken less seriously at a professional level.

How can we achieve that healthy, positive appearance?

With Botox, fillers, a Liquid Facelift, a Juvéderm Volite Angel Lift, or medical skin improvement. With these treatments and more, we fight against aging and we ‘polish the test of time’.

The proportions of the face changes with age. The face loses muscle tissue and fat (unfortunately, in the wrong place). Your bone structure also changes. Because the skin does not shrink, but rather stretches, it becomes looser. Basically, your face becomes smaller, but the skin doesn’t. This causes wrinkles, creases, and bumps to appear. It will starts to ‘define’ your face.

To give your skin a boost we use good skincare products, like SkinCeuticals. If we want to put disturbing wrinkles to rest, we use Botox. Volume loss is easily corrected using fillers. We add volume at the exact spot where you lost it. With a proper treatment, you don’t look wrinkle-free and (too) smooth; you look like a more beautiful version of yourself.

Aging well

Wrinkle treatments with injectables and assisting with healthy, beautiful, and vital aging are something of an art. At Kliniek Dokter Frodo, we are fully specialized in slowing down aging and preserving your beauty.

Based on our unique ‘holistic’ approach, where we also look at your personality, lifestyle, and appearance, we create a personal treatment plan specialized for you.

We can solve a lot of issues with Botox, fillers, and skin treatments. However, we prefer avoiding or delaying treatment as much as possible. We would rather support you in ‘aging well’, with additional advice where needed and coaching regarding medical skin care, lifestyle, nutrition and supplements.


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