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Carboxytherapy treatment

Carboxytherapy treatment

Carboxytherapy consists of injecting the skin with carbon dioxide, the gas that gives champagne bubbles. Carbon dioxide is an invisible, odourless gas. It is in the air we breathe and naturally occurs in the body.

Its most recent application is an injection in the skin to make it younger. Carboxytherapy helps reduce puffiness and eliminate dark circles around the eyes, makes the skin clearer, smoother, and reduces fat.

After injection under the skin, red blood cells release oxygen in the tissues, which causes the area to renew itself more quickly. The cells function better and the collagen and elastin production in the epidermis and dermis are stimulated.

Where do we use carboxytherapie for?

Where do we use carboxytherapie for?

Puffiness and dark circles around the eyes

A series of 3 to 6 carboxytherapy treatments is often sufficient for treating puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. Fine lines under the eyes and puffiness improves because the skin becomes tighter. Dark, blue circles are reduced because blood circulation is stimulated. Sometimes, the puffiness and dark circles can also be caused by volume loss under the eyes. In that case, we recommend a treatment with fillers.

Stretch marks and cellulite

For reducing stretch marks and cellulite, we recommend at least 4 carboxytherapy treatments. The stretch marks will become less visible and their colour will improve. The skin of the stretch marks normalises because new flexible collagen is produced. The skin becomes tighter, which causes the stretch marks to be less elevated or ribbed. We often combine the stretch mark treatment with carboxytherapy with microneedling and the use of stretch mark cream, because this leads to even better results.

The effect of carboxytherapy

The effect of carboxytherapy

Injecting carbon dioxide ensures that red blood cells which transport O2 (oxygen) throughout our entire body via the lungs are locally stimulated. This way, the carboxytherapy causes the red blood cells to deliver additional oxygen to the treated area. This is called the Bohr Effect.

The Bohr Effect

CO2 widens the blood vessels and increases blood flow. CO2 penetrates the red blood cells and reacts with oxygen, which generates HCO3 (hydrogen carbonate). This in turn lowers the pH value in the red blood cells. The lower the pH value, the more oxygen can be released from the oxyhemoglobin. The released oxygen is absorbed by the tissue cells and activates the metabolism. More oxygen results in stronger and accelerated tissue regeneration. Generally speaking, the more oxygen, the more intense the cell metabolism, and the stronger the self-healing ability of the skin in case of, for example, skin aging, dark circles, and scars.

Carboxytherapie in Kliniek Dokter Frodo

Carboxytherapie in Kliniek Dokter Frodo

Kliniek Dokter Frodo is the only cosmetic clinic in the Netherlands where carboxytherapy is offered with the Rioblush carboxytherapy machine. This device is very effective in terms of injecting CO2. With the Rioblush, we can inject very accurately and close to the surface, which causes the gas to end up right under the skin, where it provides most stimulation.

Nowadays, certain beauty salons also offer carboxytherapy. However, because CO2 injection is only permitted under supervision by a doctor, these salons do not work with injections, but with a CO2 mask. This way, the CO2 is released on and over the skin, which feels pleasant due to a tingling sensation. Other than this pleasant sensation, this treatment does not provide any structural improvement for the skin. As such, it is not really comparable to directly injecting the gas into the skin, which does provide amazing results.

The history of carboxytherapy

The history of carboxytherapy

The history of carboxytherapy goes back as far as 1830. In the thermal baths of Royat (France), the technique of using CO2 to initiate circulation improvement in the tissue metabolism was taken up and developed further. In the royal spas, patients suffering from poor circulation were bathed in carbon dioxide-rich waters to accelerate their wound healing.

In 2010, Kliniek Dokter Frodo introduced carboxytherapy in the Netherlands. This enables us to help our clients bypass the natural process of reduced blood circulation associated with aging. Thanks to carboxytherapy, we can ensure that the skin cells receive additional oxygen in the treated areas. This partially stops the delay in generating new cells and in the production of collagen.

In addition, injecting natural carbon dioxide under the skin (which makes the body believe it needs more oxygen) gets the natural healing process of your body going. An increase in blood circulation means new collagen, new cell growth, and – clinically proven – the destruction of fat cells, which appears to renew the skin and make it firmer.

Carboxytherapy is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment. It is approved by the FDA.

ProductWhat does it doWorks forDoesn’t work for
Tightens and improves the skin
Helps with dark circles around the eyes
Dark circles under the eyes
Tightening the skin
Improving stretch marks and cellulite
Filling up wrinkles
Shutting down the muscle

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Safety of the carboxytherapy

Safety of the carboxytherapy

Kliniek Dokter Frodo is the only clinic in the Netherlands that works with the Rioblush carboxytherapy machine, a very safe device. Because we have been working with carboxytherapy since 2010, we have gained a lot of experience with this treatment. This also contributes to your safety and avoiding complications.

There are still rumors going around about carboxytherapy, such as stories about going blind by applying carboxy around the eyes. Nobody has even been blinded by carboxytherapy. Worldwide, there have been millions of treatments, and at our clinic in Amsterdam alone, over 500 carboxytherapy treatments are carried out every year.

Carboxytherapy is a fantastic treatment for (against) dark circles under the eyes, tightening the skin, improving stretch marks, and reducing cellulite. A treatment that gives us a safe and useful weapon in the fight against skin aging.

A carboxytherapy treatment usually takes no more than 5 minutes. The injections are not really painful, but do generate a slight burning sensation. Immediately after the treatment, the skin will be slightly red and swollen. After 10–15 minutes, this fades again, and you can resume your daily activities. The result is natural and does not leave any traces.