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Chin treatment with fillers or Botox

The chin is a defining part of the face. Are you bothered by a chin that is too small or too short? With a chin correction we create a beautiful chin line and fuller chin quickly and without surgery. The cosmetic doctor fills your chin with hyaluronic acid fillers. After the treatment you will enjoy the result for 16 to 24 months.

Your chin will look different as the years go by. Due to volume loss and tightening of the chin muscle, pits and lines sometimes appear in the chin. Fortunately, you can also have something done about this. During a chin correction, the doctor recovers with fillers and botox the contour of the chin and relaxes the muscles around the mouth.

Why the Doctor Frodo clinic?

  • Always a natural result
  • Very safe treatment
  • Experienced cosmetic doctors
  • Clinic in Amsterdam
  • Clients rate our treatments with a 9.7
  • Doctors affiliated with the NVCG
  • Preparation Consultation
  • Anesthesia Not necessary
  • Duration About 30 minutes
  • Product Hyaluronic acid fillers (sometimes in combination with Botox)
  • Safety Very safe
  • Durability 1.5 to 2 years

Before and after

Kin voor na
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Specialized in chin corrections

Specialized in chin corrections

Cosmetic doctor Doctor Frodo has built up an international reputation during his career as a specialist and trainer in the field of natural Botox and filler treatments of the chin line.

As an experienced physician, he has published several articles on his renowned treatment techniques and always strives for a natural-looking result. This way you can be sure that the chin correction matches the character and appearance of your face.

Chin correction treatment information

Chin correction treatment information

Average reading time: 5 minutes

When we correct the chin, we use fillers based on hyaluronic acid. This type of filler is ideal for restoring volume loss in the chin. Sometimes we use Botox to relax the muscle in your chin.


Kin fillersPrijs
Juvéderm Voluma - Juvéderm Volift - Juvéderm Volbella - Juvéderm Volight
Juvéderm 1ml €500,-
Juvéderm 2ml €850,-
Sculptra, Radiesse en Restylane op aanvraag in overleg met de arts
Fillers oplossen (hyaluronidase) €500,-
Kin BotoxPrijs
1 zone Botox€ 220,-
2 zones Botox€ 300€ 350,-
3 zones Botox€ 440,-

Prices chin fillers and chin Botox

We always discuss the treatment in advance during a consultation. This is free. During this meeting we will ask about your wishes and draw up a treatment plan. The final cost of the treatment will depend on the amount of equipment used by the physician.


Schedule a no-obligation consultation with one of our consultants. They will be happy to tell you more about the treatment and answer your questions.

When you visit our practice for the consultation, you will meet our consultants and the attending physician. We will tell you everything about the different treatment methods and discuss your wishes. You can ask questions and after the appointment you will receive a treatment plan. Leave your contact details by clicking the button below. One of our consultants will contact you as soon as possible.

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Fill chin with fillers

Fill chin with fillers

Chin too small or too short? Pits, wrinkles or lines on the chin? A crackle skin? If the chin is too small or too short in relation to the rest of the face, we will repair it with fillers. We create extra volume, making the chin fuller. This treatment is not invasive and virtually painless (unlike surgery, which until recently was the only solution).

Have you had a too short chin since childhood? Then we usually place the volume in the middle (C1, C2 and C4) of the chin. However, if the volume deficit did not develop until after childhood, we treat a broader area.

We use hyaluronic acid (Restylane or Juvéderm) to restore sagging and volume loss. We insert this hyaluronic acid just under the skin, making it firmer. This has a lifting effect. In addition, the skin structure improves from the inside through the moisturizing effect of hyaluronic acid.

We also work with to neutralize pits, wrinkles and lines Botox. The muscle that pulls on the skin from the inside relaxes, causing the ‘orange peel’ to disappear. With a small amount of botox, irregularities disappear like snow in the sun.

After the chin correction

After the chin correction

Immediately after the treatment, your chin will feel numb. Sometimes there is a swelling. This one will disappear soon. Occasionally, bruises appear. These will disappear within a few days. The hyaluronic acid adheres to the surrounding tissue within two weeks. As a result, your chin sometimes looks irregular after the treatment. Usually this also goes away slowly. During the check-up appointment, which takes place two weeks later, the doctor checks for any irregularities and corrects them if necessary.

The hyaluronic acid breaks down slowly within 1.5 to 2 years. However, there are major individual differences. It lasts much longer for most people. We advise not to wait until the result has completely disappeared, but to come back before everything has broken down. This prevents a yo-yo effect.

Important information about the chin correction

Important information about the chin correction

Minimum age is 18 years

If you are younger than 18 it is not possible to undergo cosmetic treatment at Doctor Frodo.

Too high expectations with a chin correction

Sometimes we don’t treat you. For example, when we feel we cannot meet expectations that are too high. Our expertise is built on performing tens of thousands of treatments, so you can expect a lot from us. However, we cannot promise that you will look like an 18-year-old again after the treatment.

Correcting chinline in men

In men, different characteristics are considered beautiful than in women. Our treatments are adapted to this and often slightly different than for women. In Kliniek Dokter Frodo, we discuss the options that apply specifically to you during the non-binding consultation. In accordance with the principle of the whole-face approach, we draw up a treatment plan together with you.

Satisfaction guarantee with chin fillers

Because we make an extensive inventory of your wishes, we guarantee a result that meets your expectations. However, it is possible that you are not satisfied. If this is the case, we will dissolve the hyaluronic acid without any problem.