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Liquid Facelift


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The Liquid Facelift

The Liquid Facelift

Aging is a beautiful process. But if the passing of time is not kind to you, Kliniek Dokter Frodo has developed a solution: the Liquid Facelift.

What is liquid facelift?

The Liquid Facelift is also called the whole face treatment. It is a combination of fillers (such as Restylane or Juvéderm) and specialised treatment techniques that make it possible to restore weaknesses in the face. In contract to a surgical facelift, where part of the skin is cut away, the Liquid Facelift uses the recovery of volume to achieve a lifting effect. A facelift without cuts, and therefore, without surgery.

The small, mutually reinforcing procedures lead to a natural result in which your face regains its volume and youthfulness. We only restore the volume that has been lost in the normal aging process. Therefore, you do not have to worry about getting a bloated face, also called a pillow face.

Losing volume

Losing volume

During the aging process, you mainly lose volume near the temples, the cheekbones and cheeks, and under the eyes. By restoring the volume precisely in those areas, your natural appearance is preserved. At our clinic in Amsterdam, the Liquid Facelift is carried out by Doctor Frodo. He is one of the pioneers of this revolutionary treatment in the Netherlands.

The Liquid Facelift is a facelift that does not require you to have surgery. At Kliniek Dokter Frodo, this treatment is fully customised. The Liquid Facelift is based on three pillars which, depending on your wishes and facial features, each receive their own accentuation.

The treatment

Volume loss comes with age. The skin loses its support near the temples, cheekbones/cheeks, and under the eyes, which causes it to weaken and sag a little. This results in excess volume near the nasolabial fold and causes marionette lines to occur. We restore the volume in the places it is lost using Restylane or Juvedérm. This lifts your face in a natural way, reduces wrinkles, and allows your smooth jawline and youthful contours to come back.

Before and after

Liquid facelift behandeling gezicht juvederm hyaluronzuur voor na
JUVEDERM liquid facelift behandeling juvederm hyaluronzuur voor na
Improving the skin condition

Improving the skin condition

Strong facial expressions can cause you to look unsatisfied or angry. This is further enhanced by the skin becoming dull and less vital. With targeted injectables, we treat muscles and revitalise the skin. This gives you piece and balance in your face again.

Filling up lines and wrinkles

In the corners of the mouth, for example, the lines and wrinkles are found and filled one by one. The same happens to any puffiness you may have. This is the finishing touch on the way to a natural, fresh, and vital appearance that looks great in an inconspicuous way.Our holistic treatment technique ensures that your face, e.g. by injecting measured amounts of fillers in different places, is lifted. This happens in such a way that other people will not see that you have undergone treatment.Through the use of anaesthetic, the treatment is virtually painless. Depending on your specific situation and the determined treatment plan, the Liquid Facelift treatment takes approximately 30 to 60 minutes.

After the treatment

After the treatment

Immediately after the treatment, the skin can be massaged and/or cooled with a coldpack. This makes for a comfortable finish and helps limit the potential swelling that may occur after the Liquid Facelift treatment.

The most common side effects after the Liquid Facelift are swelling and redness, which fades in 2 to 7 days in most cases. Sometimes, there may also be a bruise. This can be visible for one to two weeks. In this case, avoid direct sunlight on the skin to prevent pigmentation.



To guarantee a natural result, we usually choose to perform the treatment in several steps. During the check-up, which takes place 4 to 6 weeks after your Liquid Facelift, we look at the result and, if necessary, we continue the treatment.

Hyaluronic acid is slowly broken down after 1.5 to 2 years. However, there are large individual differences, and for most people, it stays in much longer. We recommend not waiting until the result is completely gone, but returning in time for a touch-up to prevent a yo-yo effect.



Prior to the Liquid Facelift, there is always an extensive consultation in which the doctor makes a detailed analysis of your facial and aging features. If needed, we make a 3D picture with which the doctor can analyse the desired result in combination with your facial features and show this to you prior to the Liquid Facelift.

We (almost) fully restore volume loss and skin sagging with the Liquid Facelift. To ensure a beautiful and natural result, we cannot guarantee that we can fully remedy severe skin sagging with just filler. Often, this is not necessary. At Kliniek Dokter Frodo, we do not believe in smooth, emotionless faces.

We achieve very good results with the Liquid Facelift, but unfortunately, this cosmetic procedure is not for everyone:

High expectations

High expectations

Sometimes, we choose not to treat someone because we cannot meet their high expectations. We are not afraid of high expectations; after all, we are confident in our specialist approach and years of experience. However, sometimes, we have to be realistic based on this experience, and refuse treatment if we cannot convince you.

Overhanging eyelids
If you suffer from overhanging eyelids (end continuously raise your eyebrows in response to this), we may recommend that you first undergo a blepharoplasty.

Too much loose skin under the eyes
Are you suffering from bags under the eyes and (too) much loose skin? If you have too much loose skin under the eyes, we recommend you first go to a plastic surgeon before we can help you further. Feel free to come by for a consultation, and if necessary, we will refer you to a plastic surgeon.

Do you have severe skin sagging, but still want a wrinkle-free result? Then we recommend first tightening the skin with a MACS-lift, S-lift, or a combined Neck-Facelift, before restoring the volume with fillers.

A consultation at Kliniek Dokter Frodo is free of charge and without obligation.