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With the Neostrata Skin Peel, you literally shed your old skin. You get a beautiful, fresh, and young-looking skin in return. A skin that makes you happy every day. With a radiant complexion without blemishes, scars due to acne, blackheads, lines, or wrinkles. The Neostrata Peeling works much deeper than most facial treatments: it works all the way to the so-called dermis, the best place for correcting and restructuring cell division if necessary.

neostrata peeling at Kliniek Dokter Frodo

At Kliniek Dokter Frodo, the fruit acid peeling is done with glycolic acid. This acid attracts a lot of water and is a very good moisturiser. Glycolic acid also stimulates your fibroblasts. These are responsible for the production of elastin and collagen fibres. Because the peeling removes the upper dead skin cells (including any blackheads) and activates the underlying connective tissue, you get a smoother, healthier, firmer, and fresher face.


The purpose of the consultation is to align your wishes and expectations with our possibilities. We also ask about your medical history, previous treatments, and any use of medication. This way, we eliminate any potential risks and ensure you are helped in a safe way. If the outcome of the consultation is a Neostrata Skin Peeling treatment, you will start the treatment with a preparation of the skin that takes two weeks.

The consultation is free of charge and without obligation.


Two weeks before the peeling, you start by cleaning and caring for the skin with Neostrata products. This allows the skin to get used to the glycolic acid. The next step is the actual peeling in our clinic. This treatment takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes. First, the skin is cleaned. Then, we apply concentrated glycolic acid to the skin. Depending on the reaction of the skin, we allow the peeling to soak in for a few minutes before we neutralise the glycolic acid.
After the fruit acid peeling in our clinic, you use Neostrata Bionic Cream for three to four days to restore and soothe the skin. After this period, you start with step 1 (cleaning and care) again, and we work toward the next peeling in the clinic.

The best results are generally achieved after 4 cycles.
This takes approximately 12 weeks in total.
Depending on the number of peelings, you will be treated between 3 and 12 weeks. Sometimes, slight scaling and redness may occur immediately after the Neostrata peeling, which is a bit like the effect of having been in the sun for just too long.



We recommend everyone who undergoes treatment in our clinic to avoid direct sunlight immediately after the treatment. Wear a hat or use high protection sunscreen to accelerate the recovery of your skin and avoid pigmentation. Because your skin is extra sensitive after a peeling, it is even better to avoid unnecessary exposure to sunlight during the entire treatment period. Therefore, we prefer to carry out peelings in the autumn and winter months, when the sun is less powerful.

Is the neostrata peeling something for me?

If you are considering a (Neostrata) facial peeling, you can always make a free appointment at our clinic. Generally, we recommend the Neostrata Skin Peeling if you are looking for a cosmetic treatment which:

  • Fades pigmentation
  • Makes your skin smoother and fresher
  • Reduces and/or refines pores
  • Has a preventive effect on skin aging
  • Provides better blood circulation
  • Removes dead skin cells

We do not recommend this treatment if you:

  • Using Roaccutane
  • Are hypersensitive to the peeling liquid (glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid)
  • Have open skin, eczema, poor wound healing, ulcers, blisters, or herpes
  • Are pregnant
  • Are breastfeeding

Can I do something about a dull or fatigued skin myself?
Absolutely. These five points will go a long way:

  • Good skin care (hydrating creams)
  • Micro-needling
  • Sufficient sleep
  • Sufficient drinking (and we don’t mean alcohol)
  • Not smoking


This treatment is safe. Because we first examine you during the free consultation and then ask about the use of glycolic acid for the peeling, we can determine how you will react to the Neostrata Skin Peeling with great certainty before the treatment.

How long do the results last?
If you opt for a full treatment process of four peelings over a period of 12 weeks, the results are optimal. Because age is a very important element with respect to processes in the skin, the duration of the results varies. During the free consultation, we are best able to assess your situation and share it with you.

I want to get a peeling as soon as possible, can I?
Your skin is extra sensitive after a peeling, which means unnecessary exposure to sunlight is undesirable. Therefore, we only carry out peeling sin the autumn and winter months, when the sun is less powerful.


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