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Dokter Frodo

At Clinic Dokter Frodo, we carry out many more treatments than reducing the removal of wrinkles. Doctor has previous experience, excellent techniques and a lot of knowledge of creating energetic auras. He is also a trainer for cosmetic doctors, conducts scientific research, provides training to colleagues in the Netherlands and abroad and is a guest speaker at international conferences.

Dokter Desiree


Doctor Desiree is trained as a doctor at the University of Amsterdam, affiliated with the Academic Medical Center. After completing her studies, doctor Desiree followed her passion and started to specialize in cosmetic medicine. She is a member of the Dutch Association of Cosmetic Medicine and because it is natural beauty that attracts her so much, she chose Doctor Frodo to train her.


Making people happy is what I really like. Hereby give all explanations to make understandable what happens to our face when we get older or because of which certain signs are congenital. Accompany you before, during and after your arrival in our clinic. To be the person against whom you dare to express all your uncertainties about your appearance in confidence, that is what I feel good about.

Consulent Roxanne vertelt over lipstick


I have been working with Doctor Frodo for almost 2 years now; a perfect choice. Why? I’m right here in my place. As a consultant I am an important part in the entire process of beautiful aging in which I can emphasize my own values: that beauty is not only characterized by a beautiful appearance.


Clinic Doctor Frodo is the leading clinic in the Netherlands, fully specialized in the field of injectables. Doctor Frodo is the driving force behind the clinic. With over 10 years of experience, he is the authority in the field of injectables. We are specialized in, among other things, Botox, fillers, Liquid Facelift, eye bags, laser and skin improvement.