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MD Codes™

With the MD Codes™ treatment addresses some of the main concerns patients have with ageing include skin laxity, volume loss and lack of structure. As we age, these factors become more prominent, and can make us look tired and withdrawn.

These indications are easily treatable with natural, HA based dermal fillers, which work to reapply structure, elevating and rejuvenating the facial features. They are often used in conjunction with botulinum toxin, which help prevent you from overworking your muscles, deepening and creating lines and wrinkles.

Technical Information

The MD Codes™ are a series of strategic, formulated injection points, which allow for a subtle and natural-looking result.

The Codes are a useful tool which clinic Doctor Frodo has adopted, allowing patients to understand their treatment motivation and the strategy behind injecting specific areas, and what this will achieve.

Traditionally, dermal filler treatments were rather ad hoc when injectors treated the problem area. However, clinical studies and research suggests that a holistic approach is much more beneficial for patients, treating the source of the issue itself.
Because of the skill of our injectors and the products that we use, Clinic Doctor Frodo is able to provide soft and elegant results, which enhance natural features.

With the MD Codes™, we divide the face into zones. Thanks to this, we can insightfully discuss the treatments with you and perfectly fit them to your personal wishes.
For a natural result, it is important to recover the altered anatomy (that is caused by the aging of the face). The MD Codes™ are injection points for fillers, of which it has been shown that they exactly do what we want: lift and refresh the face and improve problematic areas in a natural way.

What makes the MD Codes™ different from the other treatment methods?

Cosmetic treatments are mostly ad hoc in many clinics, in which attention is primarily given to the problematic area, and the treatment is aimed at direct customer satisfaction.
The difference with the MD Codes™ is that the treatment is aimed more at customer satisfaction, and the long-term result. By maintaining this structural method, the results are more predictable, and we can guarantee natural results.

How do you determine the MD Codes™?

What exact locations should be treated depends on genetic predisposition, bone structure, and age. The face loses volume from the age of twenty-five. Our goal is to keep this in balance.
During the consultation, we make clear to you what treatment locations are important for your appearance. We do this by making a 3D photo enabling to assess your own face from all angles.

How many sessions will I need, and how far apart can I have them?

The HA based dermal fillers that we use at Clinic Dokter Frodo provide longevity, without permanency. This enables you to stay in control of your looks, and if ever necessary, the results can be reversed.
Your dermal filler should last for years, Varying from patient to patient, depending on how quickly your immune system breaks the filler down. After four weeks from treatment, you should notice the lasting effect of your treatment. Treatment is a maintenance programme, however, and you will need to have treatment at regular intervals for results to last.

 MD Codes™ treatment locations

Who will perform the treatment?

Clinic Dokter Frodo boasts some of the top injectors in the Netehrlands, including Dr Frodo Gaymans Patel and Dr Desiree van den Berg. Dokter Frodo was hand-selected to train alongside the creator of the MD Codes in the Netherlands. Dr Frodo Gaymans also teaches these techniques to delegates and colleagues across the country, and is a leading authority on the Codes

C’est la presence qui fait la musique

Beauty is relative and cultural. Ideal beauty in the Netherlands is differs from the ideal beauty in London, Dubai, New York or Japan. Looking good, however, is timeless an without limits. Appearance offers ‘acte de presence’, always and everywhere.
A well-performed treatment says more about ‘présence’ than about beauty.
Every human is beautiful in essence, but not everyone expresses it well.

The MD Codes™ were devised by Mauricio de Maio, plastic surgeon and international trainer for Juvéderm.

MD Code™ treatment locations




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