Clinic Dokter Frodo

Our clinic in Amsterdam is home to a team of the most respected and talented cosmetic doctors and clinicians. Clinic Dokter Frodo is specialised in non invasive cosmetic treatments like wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers, skin and anti-ageing, with a strong emphasis on ‘aging gracefully’.

We provide only the most exclusive skin, face & body treatments

We believe in providing outstanding service for all our patients and we believe in creating a serene, calm and professional environment for them to be treated in. We strive for the highest standards, which is reflected not only in our range of treatments and the superiority of our clinicians and products, but also throughout our administrative staff. every patient matters.

Our clinic in Amsterdam truly sets the bar for a new breed of anti-ageing clinics that offer the most effective and safe treatments, alongside a five-star service. Set over three floors, the clinic comprises of a large waiting room, three laser rooms, four clinical rooms and a 3D imaging room.
In our clinic we treat an average of 3.000 clients a year. We are specialised in Botox, fillers, Liquid Facelift, bags under the eyes, laser treatments and skin improvement.

The best cosmetic specialists in the Netherlands

We are proud to have the most renowned and rated specialists in the Netherlands:

Our clinic team

Dr Frodo Gaymans has hand-selected the clinical team to ensure  his core values are upheld. Our doctors, skintherapists and consultants focus on providing the most sophisticated procedures, and producing natural-looking, subtle results.

Our staff is continually building on their skill set to ensure that they are able to offer pioneering, yet safe, techniques. At clinic Dokter Frodo we provide a full range of non-surgical cosmetic procedures in Amsterdam, including wrinkle treatment, anti-ageing, Liquid Facelift, bags under the eyes, laser treatments and skin perfection.

Best cosmetic clinic in Amsterdam

Since opening our doors 12 years ago and providing great value and results for our patients we set our own guidelines to ensure we continue to improve this service.

We stand for Excellence, Credibility, No Compromise, Satisfaction & Innovation. We substantiate these claims by educating the industry on the latest tried and tested techniques in aesthetics.

Dr Frodo Gaymans has taught delegates and spoken at international congresses, sharing his knowledge and learning from colleagues. Having witnessed the finest clinics in the world he set out to build his own world class clinic right here in Amsterdam.

What does clinic dr Frodo stand for?

  • Our clinic stands for Excellence
  • Our clinic stands for Credibility
  • Our clinic stands for No Compromise
  • Our clinic stands for Satisfaction
  • Our clinic stands for Innovation


We are a doctor led clinic, founded and run by dr Frodo Gaymans.
We are recognised a being among the finest clinics in the world, endorsed by international specialists.
All of our team have receives the highest degree of training and are updated continuously on best practice.


In an unregulated industry, we ensure we set ourselves the highest standards.
Our clinicians regularly train other practitioners on the national and international stage. We are a research facility and test site for the leading aesthetic company.

No compromise

We have not compromised on any aspect of the clinic.
Unique design and build
Highest quality devices and more devices than any other clinic
Highest quality products


We undertake regular surveys to ensure we exceed our high standards
Very high number of unsolicited unbiased reviews giving us 5* scores
Our patient database is almost entirely composed of word of mouth referrals


We have introduced the maximum devices to the Netherlands compared to any other clinic.
We actively research the best treatments for our patients but make sure they are safe and effective.

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