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Cheekbones enhancement


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Cheek enhancement introduction

Cheek enhancement introduction

Loss of volume in the cheeks has a huge impact on the rest of the face. The cheeks anker and lift the skin of the face. When loosing volume on the cheeks, the entire face becomes saggy. The skin shifts downwards, jowls appear and you might start to look permanently unhappy and tired. To lift the skin and restructure the face, we use dermal fillers on the cheekbones to help restore lifting capacity.

  • Safe treatment
  • Specialized filler treatment for many years
  • NVCG
  • Clinic located in Amsterdam

We always make sure the most natural result. We look at the whole face and advise you based on your wishes, desires and our insights.

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Why fill your cheekbones with fillers?

Fillers are regularly used to restore volume loss. When it comes to the cheekbones, this is also possible. In addition, fillers are used to fill the cheekbones of young women and men in order to enhance the V-shape of the face.

The fillers provide a natural lift, so that you immediately look more youthful and less tired. The nasolabial fold, de marionetlijntjes en de bags under eyes be reduced with a filler treatment for the cheekbones.

Juvéderm Voluma - Juvéderm Volift - Juvéderm Volbella - Juvéderm Volight
Juvéderm 1ml € 500,-
Juvéderm 2ml € 850,-
Sculptra, Radiesse en Restylane op aanvraag in overleg met de arts
Fillers oplossen per keer (hyaluronidase) € 500,-

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Filling cheekbones prices

Fillers based on hyaluronic acid

Fillers based on hyaluronic acid

When filling the cheekbones we use fillers based on hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic Acid is a substance produced by the body that ensures a supple and resilient skin. Doctor Frodo has been specialized in the use of fillers for years and, after an analysis of your face, also knows exactly where he can best apply the fillers..

Treatment zones

The fillers can be applied all over the face next to the cheekbones. Here you can see all areas that we can treat with fillers from the brandsJuvéderm and Restylane.

  1. Forehead wrinkles
  2. fill up sleep
  3. Bags under eyes
  4. Cheekbone
  5. Nasolabial fold correction
  6. Upper lip wrinkles
  7. Lip augmentation
  8. Chin
  9. Jawline
  10. Cheeks
The treatment

The treatment

Before the treatment

Before the treatment, we first schedule a consultation. During this consultation we will discuss your expectations and advise you on the best treatment. If we conclude based on the consultation that a cheekbone treatment is the solution, we will schedule an appointment.

Before the treatment itself, we will discuss what you can expect. We make sure everything is clear to you.

During the treatment

During the treatment

A treatment with fillers takes an average of 30 minutes. This of course also depends on the amount of fillers we use to fill in your cheekbones.

We use an ultra-thin cannula to apply the fillers. With the cannula we can apply fillers very accurately without damaging the skin too much. We inject the fillers into the deep layers of the face.

For more information, see our treatment page for fillers.

After treatment

After treatment

After the treatment it is possible that there is a temporary swelling or redness. It goes away after a few hours to days.

To ensure that the cheekbone fillers result in a natural look, we recommend:

  • Do not exercise on the day you are treated
  • Do not touch the treated area or wear make-up during the first hours after the treatment
  • Immediately after the treatment to cool the area for 10 to 30 minutes
  • Not to use the solarium or sauna for a week and not to visit the beautician
  • Avoid solar radiation on the treated area for the first week
  • Use a good SPF for the first few weeks


Results can be seen quite quickly. The final result is visible after 2 weeks. To keep your cheekbones looking nice and full, we advise you to schedule a follow-up treatment after 12 months.

More information about fillers

More information about fillers

Would you like to receive more information about the fillers we use or about the filler treatments? Feel free to view ourtreatment page for fillers or contact us at 020 421 1559.

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