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The cold laser treatment is the perfect laser treatment for during the summer months. The treatment is performed with a so-called non-ablative laser, which penetrates the fractionated laser beam into your skin. This means that the skin remains completely intact. In other words, the epidermis does not get damaged with a cold laser ClearLift-laser treatment. IT is not for nothing that the cold ClearLift laser treatment is the alternative for cosmetic surgery. The skin improvement is realized without cutting and it is virtually pain-free. And all of that within a time span of only 20 minutes.

Cold laser ClearLift: for skin rejuvenation and improvement

The ClearLift laser treatment occurs by means of the Q-switched cold laser 1064. This mean the laser beams can have a wavelength of 1064 nm (suitable for treatment of dark pigment spots, for example), but can also be switched to laser beams with a wavelength of 532 nm (perfect for treatment of lighter spots). The ClearLift Q-switched cold laser sends out short but powerful light flashes. These light flashes of the ClearLift laser treatment penetrate into the dermis and stimulate the production of fibroblasts. These fibroblasts then cause the production of new collagen, a protein that forms an important part of the connective tissue. It is not for nothing that collagen means skin renewal and tightening. Blemishes are recovered and the skin is lifted in a natural way. Besides skin rejuvenation, the ClearLift laser can also be used for:

  • reducing scars, like stretchmarks and acne;
  • lighten dark circles under the eyes;
  • reducing uneven pigmentation, including melasma;
  • treating rosacea and broken hair vessels;
  • reducing cellulite, also called orange peel skin;
  • removing tattoos;
  • improving a coarse skin structure and visible pores.

Cold laser: safe and pain-free

The Cold laser ClearLift is predominantly suitable for people of 30 years and older. People who need an extra collagen boost also qualify for it. It is not only possible to treat the face with the ClearLift laser, but also the hands, the cleavage, and the neck can be treated with the laser. The Cold laser ClearLift is safe in use and meets the highest safety demands. The laser is provided with a CE and FDA quality mark. Because treatment with the ClearLift laser is virtually pain-free, it can also be applied on sensitive parts, for example around the eyes and mouth.

Laser treatment whenever it suits you

The ClearLift laser can be applied on nearly all skin types, also during the summer months. And after the cold laser treatment, you are directly presentable again. Your skin may feel somewhat warm and may slightly glow. During two to three weeks after treatment, the fibroblasts make sure the result becomes visible: a smooth, firm skin with a younger appearance. The number of treatments with the Cold laser ClearLift depends on the desired result and the current state of the skin. On average, about five to ten ClearLift laser treatments are needed. This is discussed during the intake meeting.


How can skin tighten by a laser treatment?

The laser treatment stimulates the deeper skin cells in order to produce new collagen. This collagen production decreases throughout the years, by which the skin loses its firmness. By more production of collagen, the skin will recover its firmness.

How long does a treatment for tightening of the face take?

A treatment for the face takes about 30 minutes.

Should I take a down time into consideration?

No. The skin may be somewhat warm or red after treatment, but others do not notice this.

Is it painful to laser the skin?

No, the Clearlift treatment may feel warm on the skin, but it is pain-free. It is experienced as pleasant.

Can I have my slackened neck tightened with laser?

Yes, the skin on the neck can be treated with laser for tightening.

Why should I wear glasses during the treatment?

As a precaution and for safety reasons, glasses are used for protecting the eyes.

Are results directly visible after this treatment?

No. The deeper skin cells are stimulated during the treatment. Nothing of this can directly be seen on the outside.

Does the laser treatment bring adverse side-effects such as pigment spots or redness?

Directly after the treatment, some redness may develop because of the warmth that develops during the treatment. This will subside on the same day. Pigment is not stimulated by the treatment and will not develop.

How long should I stay out of the sun before and after the treatment?

You can just be in the sun, and therefore it is the perfect laser treatment for during the summer months. Always protect your skin with a good sunscreen of SF 30.

What can I use on my skin best after treatment?

A hydrating and feeding serum and a product for protecting the skin, such as hydrating B5 with C E Derulic and SPF 30 of Skin Ceuticals.

How long does recovery take after this treatment?

Treatment with the ClearLift is not followed by a recovery time.

Am I directly presentable or do I get red spots or swellings?

Because of the warmth that develops in your skin during the treatment, some redness may develop. This may feel or look as if your face is glowing.

For whom is the skin-improving laser treatment absolutely not suitable?

Contra-indications by which a treatment cannot be performed:

  • MRSA Cellulite
  • Psoriasis
  • Epilepsy
  • Lichen Planus and Lichen Nitidus
  • Vitiligo
  • Skin cancer or other forms of cancer
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Connective tissue disorders
  • Unwellness, acute infection, and fever
  • Auto-immune disorders or medication that suppresses the immune system
  • Keloid scars
  • Any inflammatory reaction of the skin, such as eczema or herpes
  • Use of certain medication
  • Unrealistic expectancy pattern


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