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Dark skin is a rather tricky skin type with regard to possible treatments. Treating dark skin requires a different approach than white skin. This is partly due to pigmentation. Dark skin has more pigment than white skin. The permeability of the skin is reduced due to the pigment. This results in a vitamin D deficiency (because the sun can hardly penetrate the skin), but also in oily, congested skin. You will not solve these problems with only the use of a greasy cream. It is therefore good to look for suitable treatments that can give dark skin a boost.

What are the characteristics of dark skin?

What are the characteristics of dark skin?

Characteristics of dark skin (compared to white skin) are:

  • More and larger sebaceous glands
  • More pigmentation (and also hyperpigmentation)
  • Keloid: excessive scar tissue (if damaged)
  • More visible superficial blood vessels
  • Less elastin fibers
  • More suffer from eczema (but harder to recognize)
  • More acne break
Which treatments are suitable for dark skin?

Which treatments are suitable for dark skin?

As mentioned before, dark skin is more difficult to treat than light skin.
Treatments that are possible for dark skin:

LED Phototherapy

LED Phototherapy

The LED Phototherapy treatment is suitable for every skin type, from light to dark. This treatment improves the skin quality, without the use of a laser or IPL. That is why the LED Phototherapy is so suitable for dark skin, as laser and IPL can damage dark skin. LED Phototherapy uses specific wavelengths of light to recharge the skin. It makes the skin look smooth, youthful and healthy again, all through the power of pure light.



The Clearlift is also a treatment that is suitable for every skin type. With a Clearlift treatment, short, powerful flashes of light are emitted. These flashes of light penetrate into the dermis and stimulate the production of fibroblasts. The fibroblasts ensure the production of collagen and collagen stands for skin renewal and skin tightening. The Clearlift can be used for the aforementioned skin renewal and skin tightening, but also for reducing scars, reducing uneven pigmentation and improving a coarse skin structure and visible pores.