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Erbium pixel-laser eye lift


Hanging eyelids or a flabby skin around the eyes can get tightened and lifted by means of the Erbium Pixel-laser, a fractionated laser that stimulates fibroblasts to produce new collagen. The technique of this laser treatment is adjusted to the thin skin of the eyelids and around the eyes. As such, eye bags can be fought, dark circles under the eyes are diminished and overhanging eyelids are lifted.

Blepharoplasty without surgery

With laser treatment under the eyes , we can also tighten the skin. In this, we treat the lower eyelids with laser light, by which these become tighter: a blepharoplasty.
We stimulate the lowest skin layers with a laser, which stimulates the production of new collagen and reduces the pigment under the eyes.

Eyelid tightening with laser is a great addition to the eye bag treatment with fillers under the eyes. This improves the result of the eye bag treatment with fillers, and it also makes this result last longer.
The Erbium Pixel-laser is also a good alternative as a separate treatment if you do not want to get cut in the skin, or if you do not want fillers under the eyes. In this case, no surgery or injectable treatment is needed. This is because the fractionated Erbium Pixel-laser shoots miniscule holes into your skin by means of light energy. Because of this, the tissue warms up and the fibroblasts get activated. This fastens the collagen production, which is responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin. The laser treatment does not leave any scars and surrounding tissues remain undamaged. The skin of the lower eyelids gets tighter.

The erbium pixel-laser treatment

The treatment with the Erbium Pixel-laser gives a natural result. Hanging eyelids are subtly lifted and a flabby skin around the eyes becomes smoother and tighter. The laser loads up the energy of the skin and makes sure the waste substances are removed. This has a strengthening and lifting effect on the eyelids and the skin around the eyes. The Erbium Pixel-laser treatment can furtherly be used for treatment of the neck, the cleavage, and the hands. Especially the 40+ skin benefits from a treatment with the Erbium Pixel-laser.
The ablative laser treatment is not suitable for the dark skin. A dark skin can better be treated with the non-ablative laser.

eyelid tightening or eyelift with laster

Would you like to have an eyelid tightening or eyelift performed by means of the Erbium Pixel-laser technology? The number of laser treatments depends on your desired results and on whether you would like an ablative laser treatment or a non-ablative laser treatment. On average, three to four Pixel-laser treatments are sufficient. The recovery time after a treatment also depends on the sort of laser treatment.
In the soft non-ablative laser treatment , the skin around the eyes can feel somewhat warm for two to three hours after the treatment, and appear red for two to three days after lasering. After four days, you will no longer experience any burdens from the laser treatment.
After the stronger ablative laser treatment, the skin will look red and swollen for several days.
During an intake meeting at Kliniek Dokter Frodo, we go through your wishes together with you, and discuss the possibilities of your eyelift or eyelid tightening by means of the Erbium Pixel-laser. We also advise you about how you can best treat the eyelids after the laser treatment.

what can you expect from an eyelifht with laser?

Two different eyelift laser treatments are actually possible. Depending on the desired result, we can choose for a strong or a soft laser.
The strong laser (ablative) brings much skin tightening under the eyes, but it also brings more redness and irritation for several days.
The soft laser (non-ablative) stimulates the skin less strongly but does not bring any side-effects such as redness or irritations.

benefits of the Erbium Pixel-laser

  • Nice addition to an eye bag treatment with fillers or the treatment of dark circles under the eyes
  • Does not leave scars; cutting into the skin is not needed
  • The non-ablative laser treatment has a short recovery period after each laser treatment
  • A natural and subtle result
  • Affordable
  • Practically pain-free
  • Until recently, getting a lower eyelid correction was dissuaded, but since the use of a new eye cap under the eyelids, it has become safe to laser the lower eyelids


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