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Tattoo removal


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Do you regret your tattoo and want to have it removed? This can be done easily, painlessly and effectively with laser.
Kliniek Dokter Frodo is a specialist in laser treatments for the removal of tattoos and permanent make-up. We work with advanced equipment to achieve the maximum result, without damaging your skin.

Tatoeage verwijderen met behulp van laser

So what does the laser actually do with the tattoo? Uninstall sounds easy, but it isn’t. A tattoo is a group of dye in the skin. Our body cannot clear this amount of ink and encapsulates it. We use the  Q-Switched ND-YAG laser to remove tattoos. With this laser we shoot pulses of up to 1.5 to 2 millimeters into the skin, where the ink particles are encapsulated. The laser pulses are converted into heat and cause the capsules to break open, causing the ink to break down into particles. These are then cleaned up by our own immune system.

How many laser treatments do I need?

How many laser treatments do I need?

The number of laser treatments to remove a tattoo varies from case to case. A tattoo that consists exclusively of dark colors can be easily removed with 4 to 6 treatments. Lighter color tattoos are much more difficult to remove and sometimes more than 10 treatments are required to achieve a good result.

Removing a tattoo is not done in one session. Of course it also depends on how big the tattoo is  and which colors are used.

Can any tattoo be completely removed?

Can any tattoo be completely removed?

Usually tattoos can be completely removed. However, sometimes, not quite. This is due to the type of ink used. The lighter inks in particular are difficult to remove. Already during the first treatment we can determine how the ink reacts to the treatment and give an idea of ​​the expected result.


Can permanent make-up also be removed?

We can safely remove permanent make-up (PMU) from the eyebrows. It usually takes 3 to 5 treatments 2 months apart to lighten the eyebrows.

Does removing a tattoo hurt?

Does removing a tattoo hurt?

Removing a tattoo is not completely painless. Just like getting the tattoo. It feels like a rubber band being shot against the skin. Removing a tattoo on the body is also a lot less sensitive than removing permanent makeup.

1×1 cm€ 50,-
5×5 cm€ 85,-
10×10 cm€ 225,-
10×15 cm€ 300,-
Wenkbrauwen€ 125,-

Tattoo removal costs

The  cost to remove a tattoo depends on the size, color, your skin type, ink type and more. An estimate is shown below. The actual tattoo removal costs differ. This always depends on the size of the tattoos and the colors used. There is also no standard for the number of treatments.
Depending on the color(s) of the tattoo, the pigments used and your skin type, you can expect  6 to 15 laser treatments,  every 2 months.
An amateur tattoo is easier to remove than a professional tattoo.

We can more accurately determine the price for the removal of your tattoo in a consultation. The consultation is also very important for creating realistic expectations about the result.
You can usually undergo the first treatment immediately after the consultation.