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IPL Photo Facial


60 minutes = €230.00

Improve your skin with the power of light. In a Photo Facial face treatment, we stimulate the skin improvement by means of intense pulsed light, IPL. We adjust the wavelengths of the light in order to very precisely address signs of skin aging, pigment disruptions, widened blood vessels, rosacea, and skin slackening. A broad intake is always scheduled prior to this treatment.

Cleansing – Photo Facial – Mask – UV protection

What is IPL?

IPL means Intense Pulsed Light. The hand piece we use for the treatment includes a lamp that transmits a big part of the light spectrum. The energy of the transmitted light gets absorbed by the skin. The skin converts this energy into warmth that is again transmitted by which a local high temperature is acquired.

Depending on the colour of the skin disorder that we want to improve, we select a filter. This filter is placed in the hand piece. It allows us to only let the part of the light spectrum that we want to use for the treatment come through for every flash. There are filters for treating couperose, rosacea, pigment, excessive hair, and slackening of the skin.

The treatment is performed by our laser specialists. During the intake meeting, we have determined all contraindications and discussed and signed for the consent form. During this conversation, your desires have also been discussed, and we will precisely work on these indications.

What indications can be treated with IPL?

Skin rejuvenation

Suitable for all skin types that show the starting signs of aging. These signs are also called sun damage, and the skin type is sun-damaged skin in that case. It sounds worse than it is. When people hear sun damage, they often immediately think of burning. This is not what is meant. In case of sun damage, there are skin imperfections that have developed due to UV-radiation. This shadow builds up throughout your life and the signs usually start to become visible after the age of thirty. The most common signs are pigment disorders, redness, wrinkles, and coarse pores. With IPL, these damages can be improved or sometimes even completely disappear.


Especially the telangiectasia are meant with couperose. These are permanently widened hair vessels that are visible through the epidermis. Although these do not bring any dangers, the cosmetic aspect can especially be disturbing and the eventual reason why people would like to get rid of it. With IPL, these veins can be easily treated. The haemoglobin in the blood absorbs the light by which warmth is created and the vessel coagulates. Within several weeks, the body clears this shut blood vessel, and you will be relieved of them.


This is a chronic disease of the skin and predominantly occurs in people with a light skin. In case of rosacea, there are usually red spots on the jowls, nose, chin, and the forehead. Besides a spotty skin, telangiectasia and inflammations (pimples) can be visible. With IPL, we can reduce the visible vessels as well as the diffuse redness that is often present. Although rosacea will never completely vanish, it can be controlled with the right products and treatment. Follow-up treatments are therefore often necessary, but highly effective.


There are a great many sorts of pigment disorders and IPL does not work as well on the one as it does on the other. We predominantly treat pigment that has developed from UV radiation, the well-known sun damage. These mainly are age spots, lentigines, poikiloderma, and café-au-lait. We do not treat the so-called pregnancy mask (melisma) with IPL, because it sometimes occurs that the spots get darker, or nothing even happens at all. The intense pulsed light is absorbed by the excessive pigment and then converted into warmth. Because of this, the pigment falls apart and the body gets rid of it. This phase is also called the dirty phase. And after the dirty phase, the pretty phase comes, in which you are hopefully released from these defacing colourings.

Is the treatment painful?

This certainly is one of the most-frequently asked questions about IPL. The answer is highly personal and depends on the pain threshold. Most people find it unpleasant, however highly bearable. The flashes feel like little pinpricks. No cooling gel that offers relief is applied. After treatment, we apply cold compresses and a cooling gel mask.

How does the skin feel directly after the treatment, and how will I look?

After the treatment, the skin may temporarily be red. This generally subsides very quickly. If the redness remains for longer, this can easily be covered with make-up. After the treatment, it will feel as if you have light sunburn. This feeling also subsides very quickly.


There are diverse contraindications, including pregnancy, cancer, auto-immune diseases, a pacemaker, and the use of certain medicines that make the skin hypersensitive to light. This is extensively discussed during the intake meeting, together with the risks and the possible side effects.

What should you be aware of?

  • The skin can absolutely not be tanned before the treatment. Until 6 weeks prior to and 6 weeks after the treatment, the skin may not be exposed to intense sunlight as occurs in case of beach holidays, skiing, or sunbed. Because of this, hyper pigmentation can develop.
  • Do not use aggressive product like fruit acids, skin creams on recipe, etc., and do not undertake other intense skin treatments.
  • Daily use an SPF of at least factor 30 on the treated area.
  • Do not sport or visit the sauna during the first 24 hours after the treatment.


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