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Botox eyebrow lift

Botox eyebrow lift

At Kliniek Dokter Frodo, the question is regularly asked: ‘I would like an eyebrow lift with Botox; can you make my eyebrows stand up a bit?’ Of course this effect is possible, without losing sight of a natural effect. When raising the eyebrows, we give small injections of Botox under the eyebrows, but also a little bit on your frown and the forehead. Then the eyebrows rise a few millimeters.

Lifting eyebrows with Botox

Lifting eyebrows with Botox

Raising the eyebrows slightly by means of botox provides a fresher look. However, injecting the botox should be done accurately for best results. If too much botox is injected, Dr. Spock effect. This TV character from the 1960s had raised eyebrows too high. Clinic Dr. However, Frodo always stands for a natural end result.

Hele gezicht liften met botox

But can you also lift the entire face with botox, you may wonder. The answer to that is ‘no’. However, it is possible to restore the volume and restore the face with a Liquid Facelift or a V-lift. Both treatments lift the face naturally, without surgery.

Voor meer informatie over het liften van de wenkbrauwen middels botox, kunt u onze website bekijken. Of bekijk een van onze video’s over botox.