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Botox and Migraine


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As many as one in five Dutch people have a headache at least one day a week. These are often migraines. Migraines are headaches that come in waves. They often strike you like lighting during the day, a bolt from the blue. Sometimes, migraine sneaks into your head while you are asleep, like a thief in the night. Migraine usually manifests itself on one or both sides of your head. The pain is intense, throbbing, and gets worse with exertion. Many people also experience nausea during an attack, even to the point of vomiting. Bright light and loud noise are poorly tolerated and in most situations, all you can do is wait it out or lie down.

When painkillers, avoiding stimuli, and rest are not a sufficient solution for recurrent migraines, then Botox may be a solution for you. Botox has been proven to be an effective means to treat forms of headaches that are caused by increased muscle tension. Apart from migraines, these also include cluster headaches and muscle tension headaches.

How exactly botulinum toxin works is currently the subject of several studies. In practice, experience has shown us that approximately 70% of the people with migraines and other headaches benefit from the use of Botox. After a Botox treatment, both the severity and the number of migraines reduces for most people.

Botox treatment for migraine

Botox treatment for migraine

During the treatment, the Botox is injected directly into the muscle via a thin needle. The treatment takes about ten minutes. Generally, a treatment of the corrugator muscle or forehead muscle is enough to see a clear improvement in terms of headaches or even prevent a migraine attack. Sometimes, based on your description of your pain, we also treat the back of the head.

Most people we have treated describe the Botox treatment as tiny pinpricks that do not hurt much. Anaesthetic is not necessary. The effect of a Botox migraine treatment is always temporary, with a maximum duration of six months. If you benefit from this treatment, we recommend repeating it at regular intervals