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Kliniek Dokter Frodo  believes it is important that its patients, clients and visitors are satisfied. That is why the staff and specialists of the clinic strive to treat, care for and guide you as well as possible during your stay and during your treatment in the clinic. But it can happen that you have experiences that you experience as incorrect or unjustified.

We think it is important that your dissatisfaction is resolved. In addition, a complaint is also ‘free advice’ for us. Complaints may give rise to a further review of certain procedures or to adjust our policy. We strive to meet your wishes regarding the handling of your complaint as much as possible. You can make your complaint known in the form below, after which the management will contact you. If you would like a personal explanation of the complaints handling at Kliniek Dokter Frodo , you can contact the management.





Discuss immediately

Discuss immediately

The fastest way to remove the cause of your complaint is to express it immediately and not wait. This will allow you to discuss your experiences with whoever you believe is the cause of what went wrong.

Submit in writing to the board

Submit in writing to the board

If the complaint concerns an employee or you believe that the complaint has not been resolved by those directly involved, you can submit the complaint in writing to the management. The management will discuss the complaint internally and if possible resolve it or invite you for an interview. Together you can then discuss how the problem can be solved. Such a conversation often prevents further ambiguities.



Because the management of the complaint is dealt with verbally as much as possible, the processing time is generally short. The aim is a period of two to four weeks.

Complaints Committee

Complaints Committee

The complaints procedure of Kliniek Dokter Frodo complies with the Care Quality, Complaints and Disputes Act (Wkkgz).

If you have a complaint about your treatment at the clinic, please first contact the attending physician to discuss your complaint. If you continue to disagree after this conversation or if you do not want to contact the clinic or the doctor directly, you can discuss the complaint with an independent complaints officer.

Kliniek Dokter Frodo is a member of the DOKh Disputes Committee. DOKh also makes the independent complaints officer available. You can contact DOKh via: or by telephone 072-520 83 25 (daily from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm)

The complaints officer will support you in talking to the clinic for the treatment of your complaint, and can be present during this meeting. The complaints officer naturally has a duty of confidentiality and will only discuss your complaint with someone else after your approval.

The involvement of a complaints officer is free of charge for you.

If we do not come to a solution that is acceptable to you in this way, you can turn your complaint into a dispute. The complaints officer will guide you through this process. Your complaint will then be submitted to the recognized disputes committee to which DOKh is affiliated.

However, you will incur costs associated with engaging the Disputes Committee.

Complaint form for the patient

    Your details (the person submitting the complaint)
    Patient details (this can be someone other than the submitter)
    Medical actions of the cosmetic doctortreatment by employee (= the way in which the employee talks to or interacts with you)organization clinic (= the way in which various matters are arranged in practice)administrative or financial settlementsomething else