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 Botox treatment

Botox treatment

Botox is a trusted way of getting rid of crow’s feet. Botox is a brand name for the protein botulinum toxin. After injecting this protein in the crow’s feet, the transmission of nerve stimuli to the muscle is blocked. This makes the transmission less powerful and allows the muscles to relax.

What causes crow’s feet to appear?

Crow’s feet (and laugh lines) are the result of reduced elasticity and subcutaneous tissue. These small wrinkles around the eyes look a bit like the foot of a crow. These crow’s feet wrinkles occur under the eyes and on the outer edge of the eyes and fan out to the sides. Crow’s feet become deeper and more prominent with age, which is why they are often associated with aging.

How to get rid of crow’s feet?

How to get rid of crow’s feet?

Because the flexibility of the skin decreases, crow’s feet increase in quantity and depth. Crow’s feet can be effectively treated using Botox. When you use Botox for crow’s feet, these wrinkles have no leg to stand on. Because the muscle around the eye is relaxed, we can reduce laugh lines. When you reduce laugh lines, they become less deep, so less visible. The skin becomes smoother, even the laugh lines under the eyes and on the cheeks.

Best treatment for crow’s feet

Best treatment for crow’s feet

Treatment for crow’s feet with Botox

After approximately 3 to 4 months, the stimuli transmission restores itself again. To preserve the positive results, you need to return regularly. The result of a Botox treatment is visible after about a week. By injecting Botox, you look better in a natural way. It’s the best treatment to get rid of crow’s feet.

With the Botox treatment for crow’s feet, you receive a number of small injections in the muscle around the eyes. You feel nothing and after the treatment, it is not visible that you have undergone treatment. It takes a few days before the crow’s feet under and next to the eyes are reduced. After two weeks you will come back for a check-up. You will always receive an extensive consultation prior to the treatment, in which we discuss the pros and cons of the crow’s feet treatment. Multiple zones are often treated simultaneously (removing laugh lines around the eyes and removing frown lines or forehead wrinkles) to properly maintain balance in the face.

Treatment for crow’s feet with fillers

Treatment for crow’s feet with fillers

Sometimes, using Botox for crow’s feet does not sufficiently relax the muscle. The lines remain visible on the skin. Even in rest the laugh wrinkles are still visible. With the examples below, you can determine what wrinkles grade you have, in rest and in motion. Based on this, you can determine whether or not it is necessary to replenish the volume loss with a filler.

Wrinkles grade: grade 1 and 2

Wrinkles grade: grade 1 and 2

These laugh wrinkles can be properly treated by injecting Botox. The crow’s feet near the eyes will disappear completely, regardless of your age.

Wrinkles grade: grade 3 and 4

In addition to sagging skin, laugh lines can also be caused by a reduction of subcutaneous fat and connective tissue. The laugh lines wrinkles no longer go away and will remain visible on the skin, even if the muscle relaxed. If this is the case for you, we can properly treat the crow’s feet with hyaluronic acid filler. By treating the area where the volume has reduced, you look a lot better without looking unnatural.

Results may vary based on a variety of factors, to ensure suitability you must attend a consultation. All our consultations are free of charge.



Is the treatment painful?

We can administer a topical anaesthetic to minimize any discomfort. Most clients report little or no pain during treatment.

How long does the treatment take?

Appointment times vary, depending on the desired effect, and you must attend a consultation. As a rough guide, the treatment can take around 15 minutes.

What happens during treatment?

After an initial consultation to ensure suitability, your skin will be cleansed. The Botox or filler will be gently injected into the required area(s).

How long will the results last?

The result of the Botox treatment remains visible for 3 to 4 months. The result of the filler treatment remains visible for 6 to 18 months.

Crow’s feet (1 zone)€ 160- € 220,-

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