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Cosmetic doctor Desirée van den Berg was trained as a doctor at the University of Amsterdam, affiliated with the Academic Medical Center. After completing her studies, Doctor Desirée followed her passion and specialized in cosmetic medicine. She is a member of the Dutch Association of Cosmetic Medicine and because it is natural beauty that appeals to her, she has chosen Doctor Frodo to train her. She has also completed various training courses and attends conferences to keep her knowledge up-to-date.

Clinic Doctor Frodo

Clinic Doctor Frodo

Doctor Desirée specifically chose Kliniek Dokter Frodo because inhibiting aging while preserving natural beauty are important core values ​​here. It does not only look at a wrinkle in the face, but what aging processes underlie this and how this can be counteracted in a natural way. By tackling the cause and not the problem itself, Doctor Desirée and Clinic Doctor Frodo guarantee a natural result.

Dokter Desiree

Fascination about beauty

During her student days, Doctor Desirée did modeling as a side job and was elected Miss Netherlands in 2010. This allowed her to meet the most beautiful women in the world during the Miss Universe and Miss World elections. She became fascinated by so much beauty together, because what made one more beautiful than the other? In her opinion, that is a combination of both symmetry and balance of the face and appearance. As a cosmetic doctor, she can help people in both aspects, but especially making people more confident and happy with their appearance motivates her. Doctor Desirée: “Precisely that self-assurance about my appearance has brought me so much and now say for yourself: a happy person is a beautiful person.”

Doctor Desirée vanden Berg’s BIG registration number is: 69921060401.
The  BIG-register (Professions in Individual Health Care) is the Dutch database in which one can check whether a medic (doctor) is registered.

Kliniek Dokter Frodo is affiliated with the NVCG, the NVVCC, de DALA and de NVH .