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Bags under the eyes

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reducing and removing eye bags

Puffiness under the eyes can make even the most rested and energetic person look dull and tired. With hyaluronic acid fillers we can reduce or even remove the bags under your eyes.
Tear Trough Filler Rejuvenation is a series of micro-injections that are placed along the line of the hollow and the practitioner usually gently massages the area to ensure the gel is evenly distributed.

As we age and lose soft tissue volume, trough-like hollows can appear in the crease where the cheekbone meets the under eye. Being a focal point and key facial feature, it is not surprising that so many have issues with under eye bags and aging in this area. The skin starts to sag, the eye socket hollows with age, and the skin can become crepey and wrinkled. Around the eyes, the crow’s feet lines and wrinkles become more prominent, making us look tired and older than we feel.

Operations to remove the bags under the eyes have been performed for many years; a surgical procedure in the form of a lower eyelid lift or blepharoplasty can treat very loose skin or pronounced eye bags but this won’t necessarily be suitable for all patients. Another option is to treat with hyaluronic dermal fillers in a temporary non-surgical procedure called tear trough treatment. Clinic Dokter Frodo is dedicated to provide as many treatment options as possible for our patients.

We believe in providing tailored treatment plans according to the individual, their presented concern, and the desired result. We are confident that for any one condition, we can provide multiple treatment options that may help improve the condition or skin complaint.

Tear trough treatment may be effective for those who have hollowing under the eye. As we age, our eye sockets become much more prominent and defined, making us look gaunt. With a precise amount of specially-designed dermal filler, our aesthetic doctors can add volume and structure once more to the tear trough and surrounding areas, while avoiding the puffy, overdone look.
We use hyaluronic acid-based facial fillers which have different consistencies to treat different areas. The more robust volumisers are used in areas such as the cheek, whereas the smoother fillers are used to enhance the lips and under eyes. They contain lidocaine, an anaesthetic which aims to improve the comfort of the patient during treatment.


There are two things here – one is volume loss within the anterior cheek pad, and the surrounding areas around the eyes, which is common at this age. This causes a depression just below the eye, forming the tear trough and resulting in the formation of shadows below the eyes.
The second problem is thinning of the skin, which can lead to puffiness as a result of water retention. These two problems need to be addressed individually.

The tear trough can best be treated with the C-lift, cheek/ temple/ eyebrow volume restoration. The loose skin can be addressed with skin tightening or skin peels. Based on your personal treatment plan, we choose between the following treatments for treating your eye bags.

  • Treating bags under the eyes with fillers
  • Carboxy therapy skintightening
  • Laser skin tightening around the eyes
  • Radio frequency (RF) treatment around the eyes
  • Plasmage skin tightening

Which treatment we choose, is based on your personal wishes and facial features; you can rest assured that you will receive the best treatment options with us.


Grade 1: Starting puffiness
Starting puffiness under the eyes can be largely eliminated by fillers. The skin under the eyes becomes smooth again thanks to fillers, which means you do not need to use a concealer (a skin coloured cream) anymore after your treatment. This treatment creates a subtle change in your appearance. Thus, people will be more likely to complement you on your fresh, young appearance, than to ask you questions about possible treatment.

Grade 2: Deep eyebags
Deep bags under the eyes can be smoothened out using fillers. For the best result, it is sometimes necessary to supplement the volume directly under the eyes and on the cheekbone. With some luck, this will completely eliminate the deep puffiness. Due to its skin-enhancing and toning properties, you can also choose to undergo the Eye Regen treatmentor laser treatment under the eyes.

Grade 3: Fluid retention
Fillers eliminate fluid retention under the eyes, although these bags will never go away completely. Nevertheless, your look will be significantly improved after the treatment. In order to prevent swelling, we carry out this treatment in steps. The result of the treatment will stand out in a positive way. People will see that you look more energetic, without knowing why that is. If necessary, we may choose to further improve the puffiness with a tightening laser treatment,

Grade 4: Deep fluid retention
With deep fluid retention, a treatment with only fillers is usually not sufficient – in this case, it is better to consider a lower eyelid correction, which removes or shifts fat deposits. An eyelid correction is performed under local anaesthesia. With this operation, it is common to make a small incision (cut) that allows for removal of the fat tissue or excess skin. This operation takes approximately one and a half hours on average. An eyelid correction is a surgical procedure and is not performed at Kliniek Dokter Frodo.


For under eye bags and dark circles, things get a little tricky. We are always upfront about the fact they are very hard to treat. We will never be able to say on the phone how beneficial or effective dark circle treatment is, as it depends on the skin type and the severity of the indication, and we cannot guarantee treatment will completely remove them, nor would we ever promise this. It is important to see every patient for a consultation before we can deduce most appropriate treatment.


In contrast to a filler treatment, an eyelid correction can be a major operation. During the first few days, the skin around the eyes is usually bruised and swollen. The scar can be visible for weeks or months after the treatment. As with any surgery, an eyelid correction is not fully without risks. Infections may arise, but you could also experience abnormal discolouration or irritation. Fortunately, eliminating puffiness surgically is rarely necessary.



Many people find it difficult to distinguish between puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. However, puffiness and circles are two different ailments that each require a different form of treatment. Puffiness refers to the optical surplus of skin, fat, or moisture. The deeper trough just under the bag – also known as the tear trough – is often the cause.

Circles refer to dark grooves under the eyes. These are often caused by reduced blood circulation in the skin surrounding the eyes and the skin becoming thinner. Pigmentation can also be a cause for dark discolouration under the eyes.


The eyebag treatment takes about fifteen minutes. When restoring the volume deficiency, we use a cannula; a medical instrument with which minimises the risk of swelling and bruising.

Experience of puffiness treatment with fillers

I was actually quite sceptical about cosmetic treatments. But my puffiness was bothering me so much that I decided to get treatment anyway. I was treated with 3 ml of fillers under my eyes, and the result speaks for itself.’ – Roos

Experience of puffiness treatment with Eye Regen

I have been complaining to my husband for years about my tired appearance due to fluid bags. Via an article by Doctor Frodo, I found out that there are multiple solutions for eliminating your puffiness. I was treated with fillers and with the Eye Regen treatment’ – Ingrid

Experience of puffiness treatment with fillers

The bags under my eyes had been bothering me since I was young. No matter how much I slept, the bags never got better.’ Doctor Frodo told me that I did not really have bags, but more of a groove or volume deficiency under the eyes. This volume deficiency has been supplemented with fillers’ – Martine

Experience of puffiness combination treatment

I used to be able to hide my puffiness with some makeup, but it has gotten to the point that I want to do something about it. We have supplemented the volume deficiency under the eyes for this woman. Now, when I look in the mirror in the morning, I see a rested and healthy person’ – Marja

Experience of puffiness treatment with fillers, laser, and carboxy therapy

The cosmetic world is not something that attracts me, but I’m done with my tired look. I want to look the way I feel: healthy. First, the groove under my eyes was filled with fillers. Then, I underwent a combination treatment with laser and carboxy therapy’ – John

Experience of puffiness treatment with laser and carboxy therapy

Every time I looked in the mirror, the puffiness under my eyes bothered me. After the treatment, it looks a lot fresher.’ – Meral

Both Juvéderm and Restylane have been used by us since the founding of Kliniek Dokter Frodo. These are the most popular fillers worldwide. Because all of our fillers are biodegradable, adverse reactions rarely occur. Should this happen nonetheless, the hyaluronic acid can be degraded using hyaluronidase, which causes the skin to recover immediately.

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