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Lip augmentation


Enlarging your lips with fillers is a popular cosmetic treatment at Kliniek Dokter Frodo. Your mouth is an eye catcher. It is not only listened to, but it is the subject of countless (amorous) looks every day.

Your mouth as an eye catcher after a lip augmentation


Unfortunately, our mouths are not immune to the ravages of time, and this applies to some more than others. As a result, due to aging of the skin, that beautiful frame for your mouth, namely the lips, can start to shrink. Volume loss is the culprit here. This volume loss initiates an entire degradation process: because the upper and lower lip become thinner, the corners of the mouth start to sag and lines start appearing around the mouth.

Fortunately, Kliniek Dokter Frodo can be of much assistance when it comes to increasing the volume of the lips. By choosing the right treatment, we give your lips gloss again. This is all about balance, which we look for together with you. This way, we make sure that lip augmentation always comes with a natural look & feel.

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Achieving fuller and larger lips

We can subtly make thin lips look fuller. There are several methods for this. We choose to perform the lip augmentation in a way that is not too conspicuous. Attention to detail is often very important with lips, and the principle of less is more often applies. During check-ups, we determine whether we have reached the ultimate result. If not, we make your lips a bit fuller. This way, we ensure a natural lip augmentation that fits your look. Depending on your wishes and the degree of lip enhancement, we make lips fuller with Juvederm Smile, Juvederm Volbella, or Restylane (different types of hyaluronic acid injectables).

Upper lip lines

With age, the lips lose volume and ‘lipstick lines’ may occur. Because the skin gradually loses its flexibility, combined with the movement of the upper lip, these lip lines eventually turn into permanent residents of the upper lip …
We can properly restore the flexibility and firmness of your lips with Juvederm Smile or Juvederm Volbella. After this lip correction, the lines on your upper lip are mostly gone. If necessary, we can further soften these lines after with Juvederm Volbella or Restylane Vital.

Another saving grace for these specific lines is our newest treatment method: the Angel lift.

Crooked lips / asymmetrical lips

We can ‘equalise’ lips that are not symmetrical. Depending on the cause, we correct crooked lips with Botox or with hyaluronic acid fillers.
When crooked lips are caused by a difference in volume between the two sides, we fill this up with Juvederm or Restylane fillers.

An asymmetrical mouth is often caused by muscles that move asymmetrically on both sides of the mouth. In this case, we treat (balance) the muscles around the mouth with Botox.



”My lips were never that full, but I did not think about it that much. Until a friend asked me why I had never tried a lip filler. I ended up at Kliniek Dokter Frodo and decided to undergo treatment. I’m very happy with my fuller lips.”



”Thanks to doctor Frodo, my lips are beautiful again! We believe it is very important that the result of a treatment looks natural. Without ‘blowing them up,’ we fill up your lips and make lines disappear.”



”I noticed that my lips were bothering me more and more often. They are not exactly small, but they had certainly become quite a bit smaller over the years. After the treatment with Juvederm, I am totally happy! It’s like I’ve gone back in time.”



”My lips appeared to be getting smaller and smaller, not to mention being caught in a web of lines. Thanks to Kliniek Dokter Frodo, my lips are nice and full again.”

Drooping corners of the mouth

Drooping corners of the mouth may occur even at a young age. This can be caused by the muscle that pulls the corners down working harder than the muscle that pulls the corners up (which makes you look angry). This can be properly treated with Botox. This allows the muscles that pull the corners of your mouth down to relax, which causes them to come up a bit.

Marionette lines

Marionette lines are mainly caused by an increase in volume of the cheek above the corners of the mouth/next to the marionette fold. This ‘volume increase’ presses on the corner of the mouth, which causes it to angle downward and create a (marionette) fold. This can often be properly corrected with Restylane, which causes the corners of your mouth to come up again and the line to become softer. For an optimal natural result, it may be necessary to remedy the volume increase next to the marionette line by treating your facial contours (whole face treatment). This results in a ‘lifting effect’ which causes wrinkles and folds in the face to become smoother.

Marionette lines can be further strengthened by the muscle that pulls the corner of the mouth down working harder than the muscle that pulls the corner of the mouth up (causing you to look angry). With Botox, we can alleviate muscle activity, which causes the corner of the mouth to be pulled down less, reducing the marionette lines.

The treatment

During your first visit to the clinic, there is always an initial consultation before a treatment. More information

The treatment (excluding consultation) takes approximately 15 minutes. For filling up the volume deficit, we use a cannula, and skin – if desired – is locally sedated. The hyaluronic acid is applied just under the skin, which causes the contours and volume of your lips to return. The recovery time is virtually zero and the result is immediately visible. The hyaluronic acid in the lips is slowly broken down after 6 to 9 months.

After the treatment

After the treatment, the treated area may be slightly red and swollen. Use a cool pack to reduce the swelling. It is recommended to also cool at home once again on the same day. You can do this with a cool pack or a melting ice cube in a plastic bag, wrapped in a thin cloth or towel.

Do not expose the treated area to intense heat or other intense facial treatments during the first week after treatment.

In order to retain the result, a touch-up treatment is desirable. We recommend not waiting until the result has completely disappeared, thus preventing a yo-yo effect. We often use smaller quantities during touch-up treatments.


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