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The Angel Lift is the savior for tired and aging facial skin. Thanks to the Angel Lift, this gets a double boost. The skin is strengthened, rejuvenated and hydrated. Thanks to this combination of interventions that also positively reinforce each other, the Angel Lift is a real beauty elixir.
Give the skin a 10 years younger appearance without surgery?

What makes the Angel Lift so special is that we apply the power of hyaluronic acid to improve and hydrate the skin. Because this ‘super boost’ of hyaluronic acid and micropuncture is able to reach the different skin layers, the result of the Angel Lift is dazzling.

What do we use the Angel Lift for?

  • Rejuvenate aging facial skin
  • Rejuvenate, hydrate and improve the décolleté
  • Rejuvenate, hydrate and improve the hands
  • Tackling the fine lines around the eyes and mouth
Juvéderm Volite treatment

Juvéderm Volite treatment

Step 1: the consultation

We invite you for a consultation prior to the treatment. During this consultation we will discuss the different treatment methods and you will meet the consultant and doctor who are treating you. Your wishes and expectations will of course be discussed during the consultation. These, in combination with the characteristics of your facial skin, form the basis for our treatment plan.

Clinic Doctor Frodo uses the ‘whole face approach’. This means that we see every treatment, no matter how small, in relation to the entire face. With the Magic Markers Method® we map out the treatment and the effects in order to achieve the best result. If necessary, this analysis is extended with a 3D photo of your face. The doctor can edit this 3D photo so that we can show you the desired result in advance.

Finally, during the consultation, your medical background, previous treatments, any medication use and any questions you still have will be discussed. In this way we exclude all possible risks and we coordinate your expectations and our options.

The consultation is free of charge and without obligation.


Step 2: the treatment

Step 2: the treatment

On average, the Angel Lift treatment lasts half an hour. This partly depends on the intensity of the treatment and is determined during the consultation. 

Phase 1 | Injecting Hyaluronic Acid with the Needle
The first step is to hydrate the deeper layers of the skin. We do this by inserting Juvéderm Volite into the skin with small needles. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body and ensures supple and resilient skin. With this cosmetic technique we moisturize the facial skin from the inside and we stimulate the skin to renew itself.

Phase 2 | Micropuncture
The second step of the Angel Lift runs smoothly. Literal. This step aims to stimulate and hydrate the top layer of skin. We do this with micropuncture: we roll over the face with tiny needles, which enhances the positive effects of Juvéderm Volite treatments.

Thanks to this boost, we achieve an extra long-lasting and beautiful result.



Step 3: after the treatment

Step 3: after the treatment

The skin improvement is immediately visible after the treatment. The hyaluronic acid stimulates the skin to rejuvenate and renew from the first second. This creates a nice ‘glow’. Because the natural elasticity of the skin improves and you produce more collagen, your skin glows again and the aging process is counteracted.

How long does the Angel Lift work?

How long does the Angel Lift work?

To maintain a radiant result, we recommend repeating the Angel Lift after six months. With a strongly aged skin, the Angel Lift can sometimes lose its strength earlier. This is caused by the hyaluronic acid being ‘used up’ in the skin. When this happens, it is important to repeat the treatment to “replenish” the hyaluronic acid.

You can also further strengthen the result of the Angel Lift and make it last longer by treating your facial skin at home 1 to 2 times a week after the treatment with a microneedling roller.

Can I do something myself against aging, gray skin?
Absolute. Our disc of 5 will get you a long way:

  • Good skin care, possibly combined with a peeling cure
  • Microneedling
  • Sufficient sleep
  • Drinking enough (non-alcoholic)
  • No smoking
How long does the Angel Lift work?

How long does the Angel Lift work?

We recommend repeating the treatment after a year to maintain the result. With aging skin, the Angel Lift sometimes loses its strength earlier (for example after 6 months) because the hyaluronic acid in the skin is ‘made up’. Then it is important to repeat the treatment and ensure that the hyaluronic acid in the skin is restored. If you roll with a microneedling roller 1 to 2 times a week in addition to the treatment at home, you can ensure that the result is even better and lasts longer.

Will I receive guidance?
If you are afraid of needles and still want to undergo treatment, we will provide extra guidance and time and make sure that you feel completely at ease. With the right resources we can help you through the treatment, without you experiencing pain or fear.

If I am not satisfied, what then?
In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the result, we can easily dissolve the hyaluronic acid, without any residual symptoms.

Am I presentable after the treatment?
Usually the skin is somewhat red and swollen after a treatment. This goes away quickly. In thin skin, a bruise can develop that remains visible for several days. This can be easily camouflaged with make-up.

What does a treatment cost?
The first consultation is free. The cost of the treatment depends on the amount of material required. If you have many deep wrinkles, a treatment will be more expensive than someone who wants to have a simple small line removed.

We guarantee the result that you can reasonably expect.