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Test: dark circles or bags under the eyes?

Many people confuse dark circles with bags under the eyes. However, these are actually two different complaints. You can find more information about bags and dark circles under the eyes here, or you can take the eye bag test of Dokter Frodo below.
It’s a self-test for checking if you suffer from dark circles or bags under the eyes.

Test 1: Light test

With this, you test if the dark colour under the eyes is caused by a difference of colour in the skin, or by a volume deficiency.
Light from above causes shadows under the eyes. Light from the front or from below does not cause shadows under the eyes.
1. Take a picture of your eye region with a light source/flash above you, like on the first row of pictures
2. Consequently, take a picture of yourself with a light/flash from the front, like on the second row of picture

    • If the dark circles in picture 1 are worse than in picture 2 (as is the case in all of these examples), you suffer from bags under the eyes
    • However, if the eye bags on both pictures remain equally dark, you suffer from dark circles under the eyes

This phenomenon can also be seen when you are standing in an elevator, walking along a shop window, or when you’re sitting at the hairdresser’s.

Test 2: Pencil or ruler test

1. Take a picture of your eye region from the side of your face. Make sure your face and profile are visible
2. Draw a line along your eyes with a pen, pencil, or ruler

  • If space between the straight line and skin under the eyes is visible, this is typical for a volume deficiency under the eyes

Test 3: Eye squeeze test

1. Stare through the eyelashes so that you contract the eye muscles under the eyes

  • The bags probably diminish because the round eye muscle pulls away the protruding fat

Test 4: Eye press test

1. Softly press the eyes
2. Compare the protruding fat with/without pressing

  • By pressing the eyeball, you can empower the forward protrusion. In case of a positive eye press test, surgical improvement is sometimes needed

Test 5: Stretch test

1. Tightly stretch the skin under the eyes
2. Compare the colour with/without tightening

  • In case of an excess of pigment under the eyes, you will see the dark circles become lighter
  • In case of reduced circulation/vessels under the eyes, the stretch test will show much less improvement


Bags under the eyes

Most people suffer from bags under the eyes. A bulge around the eye develops due to reduced support of the eye socket/cheekbone. The eye muscle stretches because of protrusion of fat tissue under the eye, by which the tissue comes outward. If the cheekbones are positioned furtherly backwards, an oblique fatigue shadow may develop over the jowl. Bags under the eyes also become more visible when the cheekbone is positioned furtherly backwards. If your parents or other family members suffer from eye bags, chances are that you also have them and that they already became visible at young age.

Reason why eye bags worsen during aging:

  • Shrinking of the facial bones;
  • Decrease in volume of the jowls;
  • Weakening of the muscle and connective tissue partitions

We can treat bags under the eyes due to loss of volume well by improving or recovering the volume of the cheekbones and jowl.

Dark circles under the eyes

Dark circles under the eyes by hyper pigmentation. These dark circles are caused by an excess of pigment in the lower eyelids and can improve by a peeling, bleaching cream, or carboxy therapy.

Dark circles under the eyes due to a blue translucent skin. In this, it is as if you look through the skin and see the superficial vessels directly beneath it. You can see these dark circles in people with a light skin and little skin pigmentation.
The best solution for dark circles is camouflage.



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