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Honest about being beautiful

Natural beauty is not a one man show. If you opt for a cosmetic treatment at Kliniek Dokter Frodo, you choose a warm welcome, personal attention, and more than a century of combined experience. We find an open and honest approach very important and are always looking for the best way to fulfill your wishes.

Frodo Gaymans

Cosmetic doctor and medical director
With more than 15,000 treatments to his name, Dr. Frodo is one of the most experienced and specialized injectables doctors in our country. As an Allergan Clinical Expert, he trains fellow physicians in specialized injection techniques. He doesn’t believe in smooth, emotionless faces, but in maintaining a fresh appearance. Because it works very precisely, your own facial expression is preserved and it ensures that the face does not lose its natural mobility. This is where the biggest challenge lies. more about doctor Frodo.

BIG-registration number: 89063769201


Dokter Desiree

Doctor Desiree

Cosmetic Doctor Doctor Desiree
Cosmetic doctor doctor Desirée van den Berg was trained as a doctor at the University of Amsterdam, affiliated with the Academic Medical Center. After completing her studies, she followed her passion and specialized in cosmetic medicine. It does not only look at a wrinkle in the face, but which aging processes underlie this and how this can be counteracted in a natural way. By tackling the cause and not the problem itself, Doctor Desirée and Clinic Doctor Frodo guarantee a natural result. More about doctor Desiree.

BIG-registration number: 69921060401


Mariëlle Boeijen

Consultant, beautician and dietician
Mariëlle is a smooth, spontaneous lady and will first of all map out with you during a non-binding consultation what your wishes are and she will also provide you extensively with all (medical) information about possible treatments. If desired, she will draw up a treatment plan together with you and Doctor Frodo. If you have any questions after your intake or in between, you can always contact her. In addition, she is a specialist in stretch marks treatments and you can also book skin treatments with her. Mariëlle: ‘What makes my work so much fun is that we can really mean something for clients through open and honest advice. The moment they happily leave the building, we have done well again!’

KP register: 49913438989
AGB dietician: 2400400


Fleur van Breugel

Skin therapist
Fleur works as a skin therapist with us and honesty is her number one priority. Fleur is a very skilled skin therapist and specialized in chemical peels and laser treatments. Fleur: ‘The nice thing about my job is that I can really make people more beautiful. I am happy that I can contribute to that piece of happiness.”

NVH nummer: 505487
KP register: 39100862988