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 We make your skin sparkle again

We make your skin sparkle again

The cheeks, jaw and nasolabial fold are sensitive areas of our face. When the skin becomes less tight here, contours are slowly lows and the face loses its natural youthfulness. With the X-lift, we reverse this process. We make the skin sparkle again and give your face back its X-factor.

Why the X-lift?

The X-lift is suitable for men and women in almost every age group. But because we take care of beginning lines and restore strength to the cheeks, the X-lift is mainly a solution to the first visible signs of aging.

Because aging is a very democratic process, no one can escape it. Everyone suffers from reduced production of elastin and collagen over the years. Together with shrinking bones and shrinkage of the muscle and fat tissue, this results in a weaker skin, decreasing contours near the jaw and cheeks, and those annoying fine lines and folds above and next to the mouth. And the skin? The skin does not shrink or move with these changes, which causes it to sag.

With the X-lift, we combat the aging process. We give the jaw and cheeks back their contours by filling up the weak spots, so that the skin becomes tighter and the first wrinkles and folds disappear from the face.

The X-lift:

The X-lift:


  • A visible reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, and folds in your face
  • The line of the jaw and cheeks is strengthened
  • The youthful tightness in the facial skin near the cheeks and jaw becomes visible again
  • Preserve your natural beauty thanks to strengthening your facial contours and volume
X-lift treatment

X-lift treatment

Step 1: the consultation
The purpose of the consultation is to align your wishes and expectations with our possibilities and meet the consultant and treating doctor. During this consultation, we map your face and create a complete image of your appearance, expression, and facial features. Depending on the situation and your wishes, we may apply our 3D facial technique or the Magic Markers Method.

According to the principle of the whole face approach, in which we look beyond the area to be treated, we then create a treatment plan together with you. We will ask about your medical history, previous treatments, and any use of medication. This way, we eliminate any potential risks and ensure you are helped in a safe way.

The consultation is free of charge and without obligation.

Step 2: the treatment

Step 2: the treatment

Just like no two faces are the same, no two X-lifts are the same, either. Based on the doctor’s analysis of your aging characteristics, the amount of fillers and the areas to be treated in your face are determined. By injecting measured amounts of filler in the crucial areas in your face, your face regains substance. The injections are small pinpricks that are applied by the doctor. This applies the hyaluronic acid just under the skin, which causes it to restore and rejuvenate immediately, bringing back your contours and volume.

Normally, an X-lift treatment takes between 30 and 60 minutes. This depends on the expectations, wishes, and the analysis we have determined with you during the initial consultation.

What is most important is that you experience the treatment as comfortable. Therefore, before we start with the X-lift, we give you a mild sedative. This makes he treatment virtually painless. After the treatment, the skin can be massages and/or cooled with a coldpack.

Step 3: after the treatment

Step 3: after the treatment

The first results of the X-lift are visible immediately. However, the X-lift does not reach its full potential until after about 2 weeks: natural beauty and the rebirth of your youthful appearance. This delay is caused by the hyaluronic acid needing some time to properly settle in the surrounding tissue.

Two weeks after the X-lift, you return for a check-up. The hyaluronic acid may shift somewhat during the first week after treatment, causing it to look slightly irregular. If necessary, we correct this during the consultation.