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The neck skin often ages more quickly compared to the facial skin. This is partly because of its frequent exposure to the sun and insufficient use of sunscreen. Prevention is always better than cure, so do not forget your sunscreen. For those who have regularly forgotten this and now have slight damages in the neck, Kliniek Dokter Frodo can reinforce the skin and recover the necklines with hyaluronic acid, carboxytherapy, and/or laser treatments.

Carboxytherapie against neck slackening

The most frequently used treatment against neck tightening is carboxytherapy. In this, CO2 gas is inserted in the skin. After injection under the skin, red blood cells release oxygen in the tissues, by which the area renews more quickly. The cells function better and the collagen and elastin production in the epidermis and the dermis are stimulated. This causes a tightening effect, by which fine lines and creases in the neck diminish.
A carboxytherapy treatment of the neck takes about 10 minutes. After the treatment, the neck can be red for fifteen minutes, but after that you will not notice any more side effects of the treatment. A series of three carboxytherapies is often sufficient.

Laser treatment against neck slackening

Laser treatment against neck slackening

It is also possible to tighten the neck skin with a laser treatment. The production of collagen and elastin is stimulated by stimulating the lowest skin layers with a laser. The neck skin noticeably becomes tighter by means of the laser light.
Multiple laser treatments against neck slackening are possible. Depending on the desired results, we can choose for a strong or a soft laser.
The best treatment is a combination of carboxytherapy with laser treatments. The results of the individual treatments are nice, but certainly not astonishing. The combination of carboxytherapy and laser treatments offers improved results.