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3D Facial Analysis


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3D face analysis

3D face analysis

If you do not want to be in the dark about what the result of a cosmetic treatment will be, we can make your imagination tangible at Kliniek Dokter Frodo. As the first cosmetic clinic in the Netherlands, we offer the possibility of simulating the lifelike effect of a treatment using our 3D technology.

With the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum at a paintbrush’s throw away, we compare the 3D face analysis to the methods of the old masters.

They often conducted a preliminary study that was first streamlined with a client before even getting to their paintbrush, easel, and paint.

Our 3D technology is just as old and masterful. Now, we can also determine together with you, our client, whether your wish and reality match.

An old (masterful) cosmetic technique

An old (masterful) cosmetic technique

In the United States, the 3D technology is mostly used to paint a picture for surgical procedures such as nose jobs and breast enlargements. In our clinic in Amsterdam, we use 3D to look at what the effects of slowing down aging and preserving your beauty mean for you specifically. Because the power of the image seems to be getting stronger every day, we believe it is important to be very careful with this. In case of doubt about the effect of a treatment, 3D face analysis can help you make an informed decision.

Creating a 3D picture has great advantages:

  • We can show you the projected result of a treatment using special software.
  • When in doubt about a treatment or the effect on your appearance, you can make an informed decision thanks to the 3D technology.
  • You can view the projected result from all angles and compare treatments.
  • People often focus on (small) disturbing elements in their face that really don’t matter much. By making a realistic 3D picture, we can visualize your intrinsic beauty.