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Experiences of our clients

Experiences of our clients

I have been a patient of Dr. Frodo for over 2 years, and would highly recommend his clinic for anyone considering cosmetic treatments, Botox or fillers. The level of expertise is excellent, staff is professional, helpful and knowledgeable. Dr Frodo’s approach to age intervention is subtle and no one has ever asked me if I have “had work done”, but I have been complimented on looking younger than my years. Most importantly, his emphasis is on how you feel about how you look and he takes an individual approach to all of his patients, the outcome being that neither his treatments, nor his patients ever look formulaic, but rather a better natural version of themselves. I would highly recommend this clinic, and hope to be a patient of theirs for years to come. – Jason (35)

I am happy with the results! Before the treatment I was afraid that it would show too much that I had been treated. But I got a very good natural result. Already the next day I could see an improvement. My face looks better, I am happy with it. I would recommend Dr. Frodo to other people. – Stefano (42)

‘Very relaxed experience, even if the needle looks a bit scary. Very clear results. All my colleagues ask me if I am sleeping better or been on holidays! – Elvis (38)

‘Great consultation to start with full explanation. Treatment was made as painless as possible. I’m very happy with the results. I look very refreshed, and my scare frown line is gone. – Merry (33)

For several months, I’ve been noticing large bags under my eyes and they were bothering me more and more. I don’t like needles so the idea of the treatment was scary. However, I was really reassured by Doctor Frodo and his team. They spoke to me about my wishes and my concerns and  gave their advice. I felt prepared and happy to proceed. Throughout the treatment, they asked how I felt and gave me the option to take a break if I needed to. I didn’t need to, as the treatment was relatively painless. When it was over, my face felt a little tender but there were no obvious marks on it. In the following days the tenderness disappeared and the results really started to show. I’m really pleased with the outcome. My face looks fresher and I feel happier. I would certainly do it again. – Primrose (49)