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Request video consult

We are happy to take the time to really understand your question. We differentiate ourselves from other clinics because we have a very extensive consultation and only proceed to a treatment when we are sure that the result will be great. A treatment is successful if it meets your expectations. That is why it is so important to properly discuss and map your expectations first.

For example, why do you want to have a cosmetic treatment? What do you want to achieve with it? When are you satisfied? How much money or time are you willing to spend? etc.

When you look in the mirror, you probably focus on details such as bags under the eyes, wrinkles, crow’s feet, or the corners of the mouth. For the right impression, however, the overall picture of your face is much more important, the details often do not matter.

How does the video consultation at the Doctor Frodo clinic proceed?

Video consultation

Video consultation

The video consultation turns out to be a really great way to get to know each other. We notice that people are more relaxed during a video consultation and speak more easily about their wishes and expectations than face-to-face. A video consultation takes about 30 to 40 minutes and is done on the basis of a form that shows the aging and balance in the face step by step.

During this consultation you have the opportunity to ask all of your questions about our cosmetic treatments. During this interview, we map out your wishes and create a personal treatment plan for you.

  • Video consultation of 60 minutes
  • Safe and secure in your own environment
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How do I schedule a video consultation?

How do I schedule a video consultation?

Of course there are disadvantages to video calling, such as the absence of direct contact and a detailed analysis; yet the disadvantages do not outweigh the advantages.

  1. Because of the relaxed atmosphere, we can discuss the aging process and treatment techniques well. There is also plenty of room to ask all of your questions. In short, a lesson in aging and treatment options from the easy chair.
  2. You can plan the treatment well. The final treatment plan almost always deviates from the treatment you initially have in mind. After the video consultation, you can let the treatment plan sink in in peace.

You can send us an email or fill in the form at the bottom of this page to request a video consultation. We will contact you by phone and schedule the consultation together. You can also call us directly on 020 421 1559 to request a video consultation.

How does a video consultation work?

How does a video consultation work?

The conversation takes online place via Zoom. This way you do not have to come to the clinic and you can do this from home or from work. Make sure you keep an hour free so you are not disturbed in between. This way we take plenty of time for you.



You will receive an email with a link to the secure Zoom meeting. You must click on this at the time of the appointment. The video consultation is completely confidential and we fully guarantee your privacy.

You have the conversation with Doctor Frodo’s assistant. Doctor Frodo himself will also be present when he is available.



Why do you want treatment now and not a year ago? What do you want to achieve with it? When are you satisfied? How much money or time do you want to spend? etc.

These questions ultimately play a big role in the happiness surrounding the treatment.

A treatment is only successful if it meets your expectations.

When expectations are very high, we often need multiple (and larger) treatments to meet them.



The costs of treatments vary widely, depending on your budget and expectation of the result.

If you have a high budget, we will recommend a more complete treatment than with a lower budget. We would like to give (financially) feasible advice.

Major treatments are sometimes not necessary at all. Small corrections in the right place can make a world of difference.

What do you want to improve?

What do you want to improve?

  • Bags under the eyes
  • More positive appearance
  • Mouth region
  • Lines / wrinkles
  • Sinking volume – Less tired

Think about what you want to be treated for.

Time schedule

Time schedule

  • In a month
  • 1-3 months
  • 3-6 months
  • 6-12 months
Tips for the video consultation meeting

Tips for the video consultation meeting

We have listed a few tips so that the video call runs effectively:

  • Use a laptop or computer for the consultation. Avoid using a mobile phone.
  • Don’t put on any makeup.
  • Make sure you sit in the light so we can see you well.
  • Put the appointment in your calendar and keep an hour free so that you are not disturbed during the conversation.
  • Optionally, write down some questions in preparation for the interview.
Request video consultation

Request video consultation

Fill in the form below and we will contact you within 24 hours to schedule the video consultation. In this first appointment we discuss your wishes and see whether it’s a match with our vision of beauty. If so, we will schedule a follow-up appointment at our clinic. The costs for the video consultation are € 100,-.

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